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Terms & Conditions of MyHopelandFund

MyHopelandFund which is a subsidiary of HOPELAND GROUP, LLC registered in the State of Georgia, USA in this document provides the terms and conditions of use of our services provided through the website . The management of MyHopelandFund which here after will be referred to as “We, Us, Our, or The Company” reserves the right to amend this document any time for the purpose of effectively providing of our service(s). Anytime changes are made to this document, you will be able to see such changes here.

You are only allowed to use any of our service(s) (Creating a fund raising Campaign or donating to a campaign) only if you agree to the terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with part or all of the terms and conditions of use, DO NOT USE ANY OF OUR SERVICES. 

We want to encourage those creating fund raising campaigns and those donating to take note of our fees section as we charge part of the fees and part is charged by the payment gateways that we use.

The Services that We Provide:

The Company provides a Medium or Platform where those in need of raising funds can use and those who want to donate can do same. It is basically a meeting points for those who want to create fund raising campaigns and those who are willing to donate to meet. This can be done by individuals or charities. But these individuals or charities must adhere to the terms and conditions of use. Take note that MyHopelandFund only facilitates a medium between campaign organizers and donors. We do not interfere in the agreement between the two parties.

MyHopelandFund is not a Charity:

The Company is not a charity and therefore does not solicit for tax deductible funds. If you are donating to a personal campaign do not expect a tax deductible document from us. That notwithstanding, there are some Charities 501(C) (3) organizations that will register with us that “MAY” decide to receive tax deductible donations but we are not in a position of influencing their behavior with regards to that. The company can’t promise that a campaign will meet its target. It is up to the individuals or charities to publicize their campaigns as much as possible. Also, the responsibility is on the donor to fully vet the campaign before donating to it. The company cannot be HELD responsible for inaccurate information on a campaign. At the same time campaign organizers AGREE to state only accurate information on their respective campaigns.

Users Information:

To start a fund raising campaign users agree to create and account and give their accurate information. Minors are expected to do so with the consent of a parent or a guardian. Donors who wish to donate to any campaign can do so with their name shown or anonymously. Be aware that the campaign information can go public with the donor’s information. If you do not want your name to be shown on any campaign, you can always donate anonymously. It is up to the users of our services to create and remember their User name and password.

MyHopelandFund can terminate a campaign without prior notice if we deem it to have broken our terms and conditions. 

Social Network:

To facilitate your experience using our website, you can log into our website through a number social media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, & Email.  As said earlier, we will provide the vehicle but you will need to drive it. We will give you the medium but you will have to publicize your campaign as much as possible.

User Behavior:

Users of our services are responsible to make sure that any information posted on our website conforms to the law. This includes but not limited to pictures, videos, text information, and others. But you are reminded that to use our site you have to make sure your behavior or information posted here conforms to the law. Illegal behavior or information that is against the law is unacceptable. Other unacceptable behavior or campaigns on our site include but not limited to:

  • Gambling campaigns.
  • Fraudulent and dishonest campaigns.
  • Campaigns dealing with weapons.
  • Campaigns dealing with illegal drugs or other controlled substances.
  • Campaigns dealing with bigotry, racism, terrorism, and other hate issues.
  • Infringing on copyright or other intellectual property right in unacceptable.
  • The list is not exhaustive but be reminded that any campaign that goes against the law is unacceptable.

Contributions by Donors:

For donors, as stated earlier it is up to you to vet the campaign that you want to donate to. You as the donor also agree to make sure that you are using your own means of payment or an authorized payment to make donations. Be reminded that once a donation has been made you cannot ask for a refund.


There is a fee that will be charged when using our service. This fee is only charged when someone donates to the campaign so it will be deducted directly from the donation. We strongly advise you to go through the Fees & Pricing section of this website to see the current fees. MyHopelandFund can change the fees at anytime but the new fees will be shown on the website.

When Can Funds Be Withdrawn? 

You can withdraw money from your campaign anytime shortly after you start receiving donations. You do not need to wait till the end of the campaign for you to receive the funds donated to you. This notwithstanding, there is a process that you have to follow. 

You will login to your Stripe Account and click on withdraw. The first withdrawal might take a few days but during the first process of withdrawal you will be asked how often you want money to be transferred into your Bank account. Your respond will determine how long it will take for you to receive subsequent funds donated to you. It can be daily, every other day, once a week etc. 


Login to: . This is the payment Gateway account that you created or Sign In when you were creating a campaign.

In this account you will be able to withdraw your funds and these funds will be transferred directly to your Bank Account.

Third Party Material: 

MyHopelandFund is not responsible or liable for information posted here or any action of a third party using our website. We do not pre-screen campaigns before they are posted here. At the same time, we reserve the right to remove or discontinue any campaign that we see as breaking the terms and conditions of use.

You agree to only post or upload on our website (photos, pictures, videos, logos etc) or any other information that you have a copyright to or that you have been authorized to do so. Also, you agree that we are not liable for prosecution or any charges if we in turn use this information for advertisement of other use(s) deemed necessary by us.

You hereby agree to waive any right to inspect or approve any content like your name, picture and others that we might be used. Furthermore, if any other person appears in your campaign or content it will be assumed that you did secure the required necessities like licenses, waivers, and other releases from them. You also agree not to receive any financial compensation or any other benefit from us for using this information.

Keep in mind that any review(s) or feedback provided by you to us can be used by us or publicized as we deem fit.

Mind you to not infringe on copyrights or other intellectual property right of others because you will be breaking the law and we do not condone it here.


  • Be reminded that you are using this service “as is and at your own risk”.
  • We are in no way giving you absolute certainty that the service will always be 100% as we intend it to be.
  • Also keep in mind that there is no warranty for the service.
  • We reserve the right to rule or make a decision concerning the usage of this service at our discretion if that issue is not expressly written in this “terms and condition” since we can not envisage all the possible things that can happen.
  • By using this service means you have read and accepted everything written in this “terms and conditions”